If you have a positive attitude and are looking for opportunities to join a dynamic information and entertainment channel, look no further.

Working at TV Asia is fast-paced, exciting and rewarding. We support and encourage our staff members to realize their full potential as individuals and as members of our team! If you would like to be considered for the below positions or future employment opportunities, please email a cover letter with your resume to

TV Asia has the following employment opportunities in New Jersey:

Job Requirements:

  • Should be experienced in creating amazing user experiences
  • Ideal candidate should have an eye for clean and artful web design
  • PHP Developer responsible for managing back-end services and the interchange of data between the server and the users
  • Definition and maintenance of the central database
  • Ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end
  • You will also be responsible for integrating the front-end elements built by your co-workers into the application
  • Multilingual include Hindi, Gujarati and English to to under stand requirements and get work from team
  • Must have 2-3 years proven experience as a web programmer
  • Hand on experince with HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MYSQL, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress, PHP, Codeigniter and any other PHP framwork
  • Good to have experince or knowledge on SEO, PHP framwork Slim, video editing

Job Requirements:

  • Masters in Marketing or computer science
  • 1.5-2 years’ internship or full time required
  • Multilingual, fluent in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi to understand client requirements
  • Hands-on experience with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, all social media paid ads, SEO and SEM
  • Proficient in IBM SPSS for market research and analysis
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of Indian and South Asian Media or related Industry

Job Duties:

  •  Manage implementation and analysis of Asia Star Broadcasting’s Web Metrics, including site visits, page views, click-through rate, conversion rate and cost per acquisition, of all group websites
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators on all digital platforms and report key metrics from several digital campaigns
  • Set up and optimize google analytics and other analytical tools for tracking visitor’s behaviors on TV Asia website
  • Work with developers to design the web architecture with knowledge of HTML, CSS and state of the art web development tools
  • Manage website configuration as per the search engine consumption and visibility for TV Asia Website and all group websites
  • Conduct paid, sponsorship or viral marketing campaigns on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • Develop and implement various search and Display ads and create timely and accurate campaign reports using tracking platforms including Google Analytics
  • Develop and implement Social Media Campaigns
  • Analyze, review and implement changes to websites so they are optimized for search engines, thus maximizing traffic to the website and increase page rank
  • Create various content strategies for Search and Display Ads and other social media campaigns
  • Manage communications with editors and digital journalist for content and suggest trending metrics
  • Utilize multilingual skills to understand and implement clients need on ethnic channel and digital platforms
  • Identify Target Audience and grow email list
  • Write newsletters to include all company updates and upgrade email templates using advanced graphics, personalization and other advanced features
  • Work with software’s such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to produce design for website graphics, Web logos, Social media, Banners, email campaigns and email templates
  • Prepare and present detailed strategy and performance reports to the company’s Chief Operating Officer
  • Develop consumer journey and drive users into the conversion funnel to achieve revenue goals
  • Create and develop an exhaustive digital plan based on monthly FPC (Fix Point Chart)
  • Generate FPC to demonstrate time schedules for programs and elaborate details on timing and on-air content based on comparative analysis of competitor’s content and in house content

Following positions are available in multiple cities, including NY-NJ, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Orlando and Washington, DC:

  • Minimum 3-5 years' experience required, preferably in media and TV journalism.
  • Should be bilingual and fluent in English
  • Experience in public relations and social media is a plus.
  • Need to travel 50% time
  • Valid driving licence is required

  • Minimum 3-5 years' experience required, preferably in media and TV journalism industry.
  • Should be bilingual and fluent in English
  • Experience in public relations and social media is a plus.
  • Need to travel 90% time
  • Valid driving licence is required

  • Newspaper and Web portal.Successful candidate(s) will edit photographs and videos, ensuring deadlines are met
  • Flexible timing. Part time/ Full time
  • Work from office/home/ flexible hours available
  • Payment per project basis Requirements: Adobe Photoshop or photo editor, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere for video editing

Send your resume and cover letter:

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